Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sexual desire on stage and in real life

Jason Lawrence is 47 years old. He isn't just a good husband and the best daddy in the world to his three years old daughter Lauren. He is an ordinary hard-working dad, but his job isn't ordinary at all. Jason is an actor, but his movies are special. They are called - adult movies. Every single morning when Jason packs his briefcase to go to work and star in a brand new movie he knows he needs to put something extra in his pocket in order to make sure he doesn't "fail" at work. That "something" is meant to make his sexual act on the scene last as much as possible.

With a typical working day that lasts for more than 10 hours, Jason has to show his body more than two times usually. When he is in front of the camera for more than four days a week his body gets tired and his "main part" can't function well naturally.

That is why he was forced to consult with a doctor that advised him to start taking Natural medication. Since then Jason has consumed more than a thousand of them because he is not a newcomer in the business. He says he was very ashamed of it at the beginning but then he realized there is no other way to help the situation so he got used to the idea of pill consumption before the shooting. Nowadays he states: "I doubt it is alright to make fun of the fact that you need to use natural medicine when you do. At the end of the day the time will come for everyone to start using them as it is inevitable for men that cross the age line of 40. I am not shamed to admit I am dependent on the pill because I don't want to lose my job and practically because I really need it. I am very open about my sexual problems and I can give an advice about it as well as take it. It doesn't make me anybody worse than I am".

And this is only one feedback on LIQUID RX and FEMALE RX or PROVESTRA from a famous personality. The pill has helped millions of men or women to gain confidence and made their sexual life more colorful. You can buy LIQUID RX for Men’s or FEMALE RX or PROVESTRA for women without any problems or shame. It is the pill that is mostly recognized by its name and characteristics than anything else in the world.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Genetics and weight loss

Look around the bookshops and read some of the reviews for the latest books on weight loss and there's a new buzzword on offer. It seems the genes you inherit from your parents change the way your body absorbs fat and carbohydrates. Gone are the days when a one-size-fits-all diet would sell like the proverbial hot cakes (unsweetened, of course). Now we are into the idea of personalized diets with DNA kits and gene testing offered as the way of designing the most effective way for you to lose those unwanted pounds. Except, there's no science to support any of these claims. Myths help separate you from your money. The truth remains boring and does not sell many books.

Let's start with the facts. The science of genetics has been around for centuries. Farmers, sports fans and governments have been selectively breeding animals (and plants) for their taste, speed or killing abilities.

The results can be seen everywhere you buy food, on the race track, in the police and military compounds, and so on. There's nothing new in aiming to select characteristics to transmit through the generations. And that's where the science stops and the science fiction takes over. Although some scientists can now identify individual genes that may contribute to different characteristics, there's no such thing as gene splicing - no designer babies for us humans to order - and no proven link between any combination of genes and human body weight.

Human body chemistry stays the same no matter what genetic make-up you have. What does change, and sometimes quite dramatically, is behavior. If you travel back to a time when people ate less processed food in smaller quantities, you find most children grew up thin. Now look around. Children are surrounded by peers and authority figures who all eat large portions of unhealthy processed food and the children get overweight. This has nothing to do with genetics. This is socialisation in a country that eats too much unhealthy food.

Using genetics is an excuse when people fail to keep to a diet. They claim they cannot lose weight because their genes make them big. They are then suckered when they see claims that only by paying for gene testing can an effective diet be devised for them. This is a sad state of affairs. You can only lose weight by making lifestyle changes. You have to eat less and exercise more. If you feel hungry when you start a diet, a drug like UniqueHoodia or Proactol and LipoBind products is available to control the hunger pangs. Those Product has been on the market for some many years and remains the scientifically proven way of controlling your appetite. So long as you avoid feeling hungry, it's easy to stay on the diet and feel the weight fall away. Overall, you are following a simple rule. So long as you burn more calories than you eat, you will lose weight. If this means increasing your activity rate, rise from your couch and go for regular brisk walks. A calorie-reduced diet combined with exercise and supported by UniQueHoodia or Proatol and LipoBind is the one-size fits-all-genetic types approach to weight loss.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to manage pain effectively

Throughout our lives we often have to deal with pain in its various forms. It can be a small injury or a serious trauma, it can be a light headache or a strong back pain, it can wear off in minutes Pain follows us throughout our lives and never leaves us to be careless about what we are doing. Of course, there's nothing pleasant about pain but if we were unable to feel pain the world would be much more of a stranger place for us where surviving would be much harder for the whole humankind. Pain simply tells us that something is wrong, whether within our body or outside of it that is dangerous and harmful. Imagine world without pain - yes it would be a very good place for a couple of minutes until you are exposed to something harmful, not feeling it, and simply die. Yes, pain is that important.

However pain can certainly make you wish you were dead, especially when it's severe and chronic. That is why people throughout centuries have been developing ways of treating pain. From herbs to, from cold objects to cognitive therapy there are numerous ways you can manage pain. But before trying to overcome pain, you first have to understand what pain really is.

But before trying to overcome pain, you first have to understand what pain really It is not a medical condition by itself, pain is only a symptom, a signal that something is wrong in the body. And if in case of an injury the cause is evident, quite often pain signals that there are underlying health problems that have to be treated, which the person was not aware of. And this is one of the most effective ways to overcome pain - treating the condition causing it. Chronic pain is the type of pain that is most commonly observed in cases of an underlying medical condition. Acute pain usually results from injuries and typically fades away over a short period of time. Chronic pain, as you can guess from the name, persists for longer periods of time, which in some cases spread over days, months and even years.

Having two types of pain means that there are two different approaches. In case of mild or medium acute pain resulted from an injury you can simply use a cold object over the area of impact to calm the pain down. In cases of severe acute pain people usually take strong analgesics such as narcotics that act immediately and are not to be used repetitive.

When you deal with chronic pain, different types of pain management are employed. Suffering from chronic pains makes it impossible for strong narcotic painkillers to be used because of their heavy side-effects that make the remedy worse than the disease. Instead doctors usually prescribe drugs such as to help patients cope with pain. Besides, as we already know, chronic pain results from various medical conditions within the body, thus treating them usually leads to pain relief. But in case that doesn't help, there are numerous drugs and therapies you can use to overcome pain. Make sure to talk about it with your doctor who may recommend you with the most appropriate type of treatment for your case.

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Chronic heart failure and Sex Live

The recent study the results of which were published in the Fears that men Mayo Clinic Proceedings journal has concluded that chronic heart failure in men is not a fatal condition that bans sex life once and for all, and men with this disease can still enjoy intimacy and use drugs ED drugs to help them boost sexual performance if being under close medical attention and supervision.

The researchers running the whole project, Stacy Mandras and Mandeep Mehra, have undertaken a detailed analysis comprising the results of other researches that studied sexual activity in men who were suffering from coronary artery disease.

The results of such an analysis were rather surprising, showing that men with such a condition and without it had the same levels of increase in heart and respiratory rate that were all within safe limits. In fact, the highest hear rate reported in the study while a man was having sex was lower than a daily maximum achieved during simple everyday activities.

The studies have also included patients with chronic heart failure who also suffered from erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction usually takes place when there's not enough blood flowing into the penis for the man to be able to achieve erection. Drugs used for treating the problem such as Viagra or Levitra stimulate the blood flow into the penis and thus can make the problem even worse.

They have also taken into account the safety of such drugs in cases of congestive heart failure. ED medications directly affect the blood flow and blood vessels and it would pose a great health risks if combined with other heart medications, leading to dramatic changes in blood pressure levels over a short period of time.

However, the studies have displayed that Viagra can be safely used in such patients taking heart medications only with the sole condition of being under strict medical supervision. There isn't sufficient data on how safe other ED drugs such as Levitra and Cialis are in such situations, but taking into account that they have quite the same pharmacological properties and mechanism of action one can assume that they are quite safe too.
Thus, the authors of this study conclude that it's safe form men with erectile dysfunction and mild to moderate chronic heart failure to buy Viagra and use it with the purpose of improving the quality of their erection, still with the condition of going through detailed screening before being prescribed with the drug.
Still there are people who cannot use such drugs, what's the solution for them? Health care specialists state that men can enjoy having active sexual life regardless of their age if following a healthy lifestyle and having regular physical activity. Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by certain medications that you are taking or even inappropriate nutrition. Take a closer look at your lifestyle and make the necessary improvements and you will see that the quality of your sexual life will be improved.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Too Tired or Not Into It..??

For several years, men have had a solution for treating their sexual problems, such as decline in libido. Unfortunately, a lot of women have long been suffering from the same sexual problem,though quite unknown to many. Even though women are more potential to developing sexual satisfaction and interest, they are, however, the usual candidates for having sexual dysfunction. This has been recorded in several surveys and studies done by medical practitioners. If women's sexual dysfunctions and dissatisfaction continue and gradually engulf her entire sex life, her relationship with her man might eventually turn into an end. Unraveling the reasons behind the downfall of a woman's libido should be considered especially because there are factors that should be treated immediately.

There are certain physical changes and conditions that contribute to the derailing of women's libido such as pregnancy. During pregnancy, hormonal changes take place and affect a lady's physical and emotional make-up, which in the process, lead her to developing a new temporary outlook on sex. Most women think that having sex while conceiving is perilous to the baby. Their growing tummy is also seen as a discomfort. Also, if the ovaries of a woman stop secreting estrogen, a hormone that serves as a lubricant, she may develop vaginal dryness that makes the sexual activity uncomfortable and sometimes painful. This condition is more common to older people especially those who have reached their menopausal period. In turn, this hormonal change leads a woman to anticipate the intercourse with less vigor and interest. Now, when a lady suffers from an illness, she does not have the slightest interest in sex. Even the mildest illnesses such as headache or cold impede her sexual desire. But the more serious ailments such as arthritis, diabetes, and kidney diseases affect her hormonal balance, mobility, and vaginal lubrication.

When a woman's emotional condition is unstable her libido often suffers. Anxiety and stress are good examples of such emotional instability. If a woman is preoccupied with concerns such as career, home responsibilities, and social life, her tendency is to easily get exhausted and have less time and energy for a sexual activity. Having sex, then, occupies the bottom part of her priority list. Depression and low self-esteem, meanwhile, are generally behavioral problems but enormously influence the sex drive of most women. For instance, if a lady sees herself too lousy or even worse, unattractive, she may gradually lose her interest in sex. These conditions are sometimes short-term and often caused by menstruation or mood swings. On the other hand, a lady's traumatic experience, like sexual abuse, may get in the way of her desire to perform sex. If this remains untreated, she may view sex as a horrifying experience and might avoid it altogether. This is sometimes seen as a psychological problem, not a sexual abnormality; but just the same, this condition affects her sexual performance.

Another factor that is probably the most evident is the current condition of the relationship of the couple. A good relationship tremendously increases the libido of a woman. But if both are frustrated with each other especially in each sexual performance, the tendency is to have less and less desire in sex. But it is important to realize that there are problems that do not occur only in bed and these ones are commonly as big as the sexual issues. There are also concerns that are not recognized by both individuals and if these are left unresolved, their sexual lives will suffer in the long run.

If a woman has a decline in libido, her natural reaction is to blame herself and feels guilty because she may think she is not functioning well as a sexual being. But there are common ways to battle this sexual dysfunction such as seeing a doctor or counselor. These experts will do a series of tests to discover the underlying factors like vitamin deficiency, hormonal imbalance, and psychological problem. Consulting sex therapists also proves to be an efficient remedy since they are trained to identify and address sexual problems through providing couples with responsiveness strategies.

But aside from seeking professional help, a woman experiencing low libido should also start looking at herself and changing her lifestyle. Part of sustaining a healthy and renewed way of life is to commit to a regular exercise. Not only will this make the body healthier, but will make the blood flow through her vagina smoother, thus arousing sex drive. Maintaining a good relationship also contributes a lot-- from constantly enjoying the partner's caresses to opening up every bit of sexual frustration.

Due to medical advancement, there are also natural supplements that women can take advantage of. If men have enhancement pills, women, on the other hand, have sexual booster tablets such as Provestra for Women, which intensify libido, strengthen sexual stamina, provide multiple orgasms, and improve fertility. According to, the pure organic ingredients of female boosters are safe and work with much potency enabling every user to enjoy a better sex life.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Introducing " Omega Daily™

Another new addition to the general health category is our marine lipid extract, Painful inflammation and joint stiffness affects many people around the world.

NO MATTER WHAT YOUR AGE, anyone can benefit from Omega Daily™, the Miracle from the Sea, an astonishing new supplement for freedom of motion, freedom from pain, freedom to act and feel young and vital!

But Omega Daily™ does even more than give you healthy, pain-free joints -- it is also proven to ease PMS, counteract ADD, promote healthy bronchial airways, ... and even contribute to heart health. Many people use Omega Daily™ for asthma relief, too!

What does all this mean? Well, in over 20 years of intensive hands-on research, Omega Daily™ has been proven to be an extremely potent anti-inflammatory. It's also shown to be very effective on PMS, Menstrual Pain, Asthma, and even Attention Deficit Disorder -- PLUS has benefits for heart and lung health, too. And now your customers can get it, straight from the suppliers, with no prescription.

As you can see, Omega Daily™ makes a great addition to our general health category and is a perfect fit to be marketed along with GenF20™ Human Growth Hormone Releaser and provides you with some unbelievable marketing opportunities to capitalize on.

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